Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Inspiration: Study Spaces

I'm currently in the middle of revising for my penultimate end of year exams, and it's terrifying! My study space is not exactly conducive to learning - it's just a messy mishmash of textbooks, pens, craft products, magazines, nail varnish and teapots! So I've been scouring Pinterest and We Heart It for some inspiration, and found some amazing photos!

This is my current study space in all its cluttered and messy glory... hopefully posting this on the internet will shame me into doing something about it!! I have two desks: a standard Ikea/Argos one that makes an appearance in every student bedroom and an old battered one that my mum found me, it used to be a school desk and it even has some graffiti on it! I also have a shelf, a few baskets, a little chest of drawers and one of those letter holder things. I don't really want to spend much money, so I've been looking for inspiring ways to organise and transform what I already have...



Apartment Therapy

caitnicole7 on Pinterest

001: Hanging photos and magazine clippings on a little string washing line would be a much neater and sleeker way to display things!
002: Effective use of bright pops of colour and fairy lights add warmth and interest without overpowering 
003: Utilising every single spare space for storage is really important for small rooms! Magazine racks, hooks, shoe boxes - use everything!
004: Pretty patterned bulldog clips to separate different class notes/other loose papers together

I've got lots of shoe boxes and old delivery boxes that I can either paint or cover in pretty coloured paper to make more storage space, and I've also got some coloured pegs lying around somewhere so I'll definitely be adding a couple of photo 'washing lines' soon! I'm quite lucky in that my landlord lets us decorate our rooms (within reason!) so I've already added a couple of shelves to my room. I think I'll do some rearranging to try and make my desk area more sleek and peaceful! I'll post with updates in the next few days, hopefully a clean study space will make me much more productive!


  1. That chair in the second photo is kind of the most wonderful thing I have ever seen! It looks so wonderfully soft and comfy! Really great inspiration finds.

    1. It's brilliant isn't it - looks just like the fur on my old dog! I tried replicating it by draping by fluffy white rug over my chair, but unfortunately it wasn't very successful!