Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review: Liz Earle skin tint, Dr Nicholas Perricone eye cream, Elemental Herbology cleanser, face mask and moisturiser

So I've been using all the products I received in my Little Beauty Box from Latest in Beauty over the past few days, so thought I'd record my thoughts on them!

First up: the Sheer Skin Tint from Liz Earle. This came in three shades: Bare 01 (fair), Beige 02 (medium) and Beach 03 (medium to dark) - there's a darker shade Deep Bisque 04 available online. It claims to give a "naturally dewy, even and radiant" look to your skin, with SPF 15. This sounds like my ideal product, as I like to steer clear of foundation in favour of tinted moisturisers and BB creams.

L-R: Bare 01, Beige 02, Beach 03
The formula is thick and creamy, a bit thicker than I was expecting to be honest! I had to blend Bare 01 and Beige 02 together to get a suitable match to my skin, and it was quite difficult to blend in. At first it felt quite greasy, but after a few minutes when it had settled in it had a nice dewy sheen and gave a slight shimmer to my skin. There was some light coverage and it evened out my skin tone a bit, but I still had to use concealer - but this is only a tint, so I wasn't expecting a miracle! I don't think I'll buy a full size version of this product, although the coverage was better than I thought it would be, it felt quite heavy on my face, and I prefer to use lighter products. This skin tint is available at the Liz Earle website for £21.

Next up, the Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Cream by Dr Nicholas Perricone. As soon as I opened the packet, I wanted to eat this cream - it smells DELICIOUS! The scent is melon, but it reminds me of those Pez sweets you used to be able to get! Apparently melons contain antioxidants called carotenoids which are great for the delicate skin around your eyes. This product claims to prime, hydrate and de-puff your eyes.

I used this product as I got ready for bed, instead of my usual night-time moisturiser. It was really easy to apply and felt very natural on my skin, it wasn't noticeably sticky or wet like some night-time moisturisers tend to be! The first time I used it (there were six packets in my sample box - amazing!), I just used it on one eye so I could easily see if there were any differences. I didn't notice anything immediately, but after an hour I could tell that the eye I'd used the cream on felt and looked smoother and tighter, and in the morning it was noticeably brighter and more hydrated than the other one! I really loved this product, the smell alone would sell it to me but the fact that I could notice a difference after just one night was amazing. This is quite an expensive product for me though (you can buy it for £29.50 from the SUPER website), but I definitely think it would be worth the price, so I'm going to have a scout around eBay later to see if I can find a cheaper one!

The last products I received were the Facial Cleanser, Facial Glow and Facial Hydrator from Elemental Herbology. I used the cleanser instead of my usual one during my night-time routine; it has green tea, olive extract and lavender flower in it, and you could definitely smell the lavender! It smelt a bit like those microwavable packs you can get, not really my taste but it was quite relaxing and soothing just before I went to bed. It removed most of my makeup, leaving just a little mascara smudge and a hint of lipstick. My skin felt really soft and smooth afterwards, which was lovely!

I tried the Facial Glow this morning, it's a face mask that has vitamin C, papaya and manuka honey in it. I didn't really like the scent, it was slightly citrusy, but also a bit strange, I can't really explain it but I didn't enjoy having it on my face for the recommended 4 minutes! It had a slightly rough texture, and after I'd rubbed it in it felt really fresh and cooling, a perfect way to wake me up in the morning! It was super easy to wash off, the packet suggests using a flannel but I just splashed it off with warm water. My skin felt really soft and smooth afterwards and I don't know if it was just my imagination but it seemed like it had evened out my skin tone too! Apart from the smell, this was a really great product.

Finally, I applied the Facial Hydrator after using the Facial Glow. This was such a great product, it had biodynamic algae and pearl extract in it and the scent really reminded me of the sea. It's an oil free moisturiser with SPF 12 and had quite a runny texture, which made it really easy to apply. It took quite a while to sink into my skin, but once it had it left it feeling hydrated and soft all day long!

I really liked the Facial Cleanser and the Facial Hydrator and would definitely consider purchasing the full-sized versions of these products. Although the Facial Glow was effective, I was put off by the smell, although I'd consider buying a different version of it, if they had one. I've just checked the Elemental Herbology website and apparently the Facial Hydrator that I sampled has been replaced with their Perfect Balance Hydrating Moisturiser, but you can still buy the Facial Hydrator from ASOS for £55. The Facial Cleanser is still available from the Elemental Herbology website for £28, and the Facial Glow is there too for £39. These prices are really steep for me, but like the Dr Nicholas Perricone product, I will definitely consider purchasing these if I can find them cheaper somewhere else!

Overall, I was really happy with the samples that I received, and the amount of the eye cream product was especially good! Definitely worth the £1.50 it costs to receive from Latest In Beauty! The products I ordered are still available to order from Latest In Beauty, and will be for the next 16 days. Have you ordered anything from Latest in Beauty before, or tried the products I've mentioned in this post?


  1. Ah, so getting 3 colours of the Liz Earle was good! Although it's annoying that you had to mix them, because if you were gonna buy it you'd have to get both.
    I really really like the sound of the eye cream, I might get a box when I get paid to try it.. I don't use an eyecream at the moment becuase I've never really notice them doing anything, but this one sounds nice! xx

    1. Yeah, that was another thing that put me off buying the Liz Earle! Normally with tinted moisturisers and BB creams I can get a pretty good match despite there not being much choice, but I was pretty much bang in the middle of the two lighter shades on this one!
      The eye cream is amazing, see if you can get a sample size to try somewhere first, it's quite expensive but it smells soooo good and it really worked on me!