Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week in photos #1

Gin in a teacup // Iron Man clementines
T-crisp // zigzag nails
Latin revision // carb overload
delicious graze box // Greek revision
view from my window // burned myself on tea

Revision madness is coming to an end. I've only left the house to collect books from the library and stock up on humus from Tesco, and I've barely spoken to my housemates! They've all finished their exams and have been sitting out in the garden all day - I've had to keep my blinds closed so I don't get too jealous of them! I have my final exam, Athenian Lies & Ideology, tomorrow morning, so I'm going to spend a few more hours reading over the set texts and jotting down any vocab to look through over breakfast before the exam. Daddy's coming up to celebrate as soon as the exam finishes, and I'm hoping to get thoroughly spoiled with wine and nice food! 

Next week I'll be busy saying goodbye to friends who are going home for the summer, going to job interviews and arranging work experience and volunteering for the next few months. I'll also be catching up on all the tv shows and sleep that I've been missing out on, as well as celebrating the official start of the summer with lots of gin and cake, I can't wait!


  1. i love my graze boxes. they really are such a waste of money, and i keep meaning to cancel them but they're just such a nice surprise! people at my work think i'm nuts, with them arriving and all my beauty boxes, they say i'm a well groomed rabbit haha.
    also, that burn! on TEA?! that looks so painful, put some lavender or aloe vera on it, they're great for burns. I'm constantly burning myself on the oven quite badly, but TEA?! how bloody hot were you drinking it?!
    anyway, i'm glad that you've reached the end of revision, i hope you have a nice time with your dad :) i wish mine spoilt me; he makes me take him out for a meal every month on my payday! ha xx

    1. The burn hurt SO much! I actually did it on Tuesday, that's how bad it is! I'd just poured boiled water into my flask, and as I was also carrying my breakfast bowl and a glass of water I just tucked it under my arm, but the cap was popped and it all poured down my arm - but because my hands were full I couldn't drop it straight away! It took hours and hours for the pain to stop, I had to keep applying refrigerated moisturiser to it and that helped quite a lot! It's not sore any more fortunately, just looks really gross - hopefully I'll get some pity marks in my exam tomorrow! ;)

    2. I hate burns, they look so vile for ages afterwards. I'm covered in scars from them, all over my hands and arms. and they take so long to heal.
      And as for the marks, I don't think that's quite how it works... or people would all be throwing themselbes down stairs etc instead of revising haha!

  2. Really cute, amazing pictures :)