Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paintings Update #3

I've been fairly busy this week painting-wise; I've finished off one portrait that's been lingering a while, and got a good headstart on a new mini series I'm doing: iconic fashion pieces! I really enjoy doing these, they're super simple but super effective (in my opinion!) - basically just repetitions of one single item of clothing or accessory. I think my favourite is the Alexander McQueen skull clutch one; some of them still need details adding though, but I've ran out of glitter! Tomorrow's plan is to head to Ryman's and restock my glitter collection, and also see what they have in the way of metallic marker pens - I remember in primary school my teacher had some really cool ones that you shook before you wrote with them, does anyone know if you can still get these/what they're called??


  1. I love the repetition of them, they're all really good! You're making me want to start drawing/painting properly again rather than my quick little doodles :)

    Lisamello xx

    1. Thank you!! Oh you should definitely do more art, post it on your blog I'd love to see it! x