Thursday, 5 July 2012

Paris Couture AW 2012-13: Wednesday

You can always count on Elie Saab if glorious, shimmery dresses are what you're looking for - the designer is well-lnown for his red carpet-ready cocktail dresses and evening gowns - and he certainly didn't disappoint this couture week.

The pastel shades seen earlier this week at Dior and Chanel were seen once more, embellished here with intricate lace, beads, and crystals. Everything shimmered, from the dramatic black gowns that opened the show to the ethereal nude ones; but this wasn't just a procession of sparkly princesses. Long sleeves and high necklines made this collection elegant and refined: more Fabergé egg than Big Gypsy Wedding.

Jean Paul Gaultier's couture collection was characteristically dramatic and disparate; differing themes were held together by a fiercely decadent thread.

We were introduced with tail coats, top hats and cravats evoking cabarets and the Belle Époque; tuxedos were mutated into jumpsuits crafted from sumptuous velvet and accessorised with leather and sheer layers. There were elements of burlesque with risqué flashes of flesh; flapper-style fur, fringe, and beaded dresses were mixed up with geometric and Art Deco prints. Gaultier delivered a typically over-the-top theatrical show, full of opulence with a myriad of thematic points.

Maria Grazia Chirui and Pier Paolo Piccoli, the joint creative directors for Valentino, emphasised the poise and modesty of their beautiful gowns by sending their models down the runway with no jewellery, scraped-back hair, and minimal makeup.

This regal elegance was shown in the emphasis on rich blues rather than the fashion house's customary red, which made just a brief appearance towards the end of the collection, only to be replaced by blue again. There was an underlining sense of calmness and sobriety here: each piece seemed understated, luxury making itself heard through the exquisite tailoring and sumptuous materials.



  1. Beautiful dresses!
    Love the couture shows xx

  2. The Gaultier and Armani are my favourites. So elegant and classy.


  3. The Gaultier collection is gorgeous.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can check that out here:


    1. Aw thank you so much!

      Just want to let you know that I've seen this, and I'll be writing my post in the next couple of days! x :)

  4. The Elie Saab dresses are INCREDIBLE!