Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Little Update

View of the Quarry & suspension bridge from the River Severn // Barn Owl named Louise
Last week I actually managed to get a couple of days off work, so I headed down to my hometown to catch up with my family. My boyfriend came with me so we did some touristy stuff, luckily the sun was shining so everything looked pretty! Granny gave us some tickets to go on a boat ride around the loop of the river; I took advantage of the free trip by indulging in a Long Island Iced Tea whilst on board! 

my new friends at the Scottish Deer Centre // a rather sad looking one-antlered deer - he won't be getting the ladies this mating season!
After spending some time in Shrewsbury we drove back up to St Andrews with my dad and little sister, who stayed for a few days for a little holiday. We packed so much stuff in - we spent a whole day at the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar (if you're ever in Fife, I'd highly recommend this, it was so much fun!) and another day wandering around town, visiting the cathedral and the castle and the beaches. My little sister managed to fit in some ice cream and chocolate fudge cake wherever we went! I was also working each night they were up here, so it's been pretty busy!

St Andrews' pier // exploring St Andrews castle

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