Wednesday, 29 August 2012

FRESHERS: Outfit Inspiration

There's only another ten days or so before freshers' week kicks off here in St Andrews, and I've found myself reminiscing more and more about being a fresher myself since I'm about to enter my fourth and final year! I remember spanning such a range of emotions, from feeling so nervous I made myself sick to being so excited I couldn't concentrate on anything! In hindsight, I should have channeled some of that nervous energy into considering what clothes I would take - instead, I basically packed everything I owned! I ended up with a massive Harry Potter-style trunk (which now, put on its side and opened up, doubles as a wardrobe for my winter coats - that's how big it is!), three large suitcases and numerous other holdalls and cardboard boxes.

I had absolutely no need for all this crap, and I don't think anyone else would either! Even the most hardcore fashionistas end up recycling items of clothing at some point, and although it can be nice to have lots of different outfits to fall back on, you need to remember that your parents will not be happy if they have to hire a van to bring all your stuff back home multiple times a year! I still have way too much stuff, but there is a much more even spread across my boxes stuffed with clothes and those packed full with books - and everything can fit in the boot of a car! It can be tempting to bring everything you own to uni, but remember that life becomes so much easier if you have a few wardrobe essentials that you can fit into a holdall to travel between home and uni with and build many different outfits around.

With that in mind, I've compiled a few different outfits and essential items that you'll almost definitely need for freshers' week - whether a fresher or a 're'fresher like me!

You'll most likely have travelled up in this outfit, and depending on how far you're travelling (I live about 6 hours away!), you'll probably want to dress for comfort. But don't forget that this is probably the first time you'll meet the people who you'll be living with, not to mention other people dotted around your halls, so you don't want to be wearing your oldest leggings and a ratty hoodie! (don't even think about wearing your leavers' hoodie - nobody cares what school you went to, and if they do, they won't be impressed by a hoodie. seriously.)

Keep it simple with some worn-in skinny jeans, a decent-sized bag to stash your essentials (so you don't need to worry about unpacking straight away), and a comfortable-but-stylish lightweight jumper. Stay on trend with some glittery loafers and an embellished collar necklace - which can be recycled for that night's outfit, hooray!

Jumper: H&M (£19.99) // Collar necklace: Miss Selfridge (£18.50) // Jeans: Topshop (£38) // Bag: ASOS (£65) // Slippers: ALDO (£30)

You'll be tired after travelling, moving in, and introducing yourself a zillion times - but the show (or the party) must go on! Make it easier for yourself by recycling some items that you wore earlier in the day. On my first night, we had a meet-and-greet in my halls' bar and then went on to the union - save your clubbing outfits for later on in the week, on your first night you'll probably just be exploring and getting a 'feel' for the place! This drop hem dress (so Victoria Beckham) can be dressed down for daytime or dressed up for a night out, as here - such a gorgeous, bright red!

Collar necklace: Miss Selfridge (£18.50) // Dress: Topshop (£42) // Bag: New Look (£15.99) // Cardigan: H&M (£14.99) // Slippers: ALDO (£30) // Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins (£10)

At some point during freshers' week you'll probably get the chance to go along to a little 'meet and greet', where you'll meet your tutors and classmates. This is pretty nerve-wracking if you haven't yet met anyone on your course, especially as there'll be lots of free wine on hand! My advice: err to the 'smart' side of 'smart casual', wait until the professors have left before you start necking the wine, get to know the phD students - they'll probably be the ones marking your essays in your first year.

Jeans: Topshop (£38) // Jacket: Miss Selfridge (£35) // Shoes: ALDO (£75) // Top: Topshop (£35) // Bag: New Look (£15.99)

In the next couple of days I'll be compiling a similar post dealing with the first week proper of university - what to wear to your first class and how to stay classy in the library whilst piled down with a ton of books - don't forget to check back!

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