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Favourite Products: July

favourite products, july favourites

I love reading monthly 'favourite product' posts on other blogs so I thought I'd do my own version featuring my own favourite products from July! I've discovered some great new products this month through random Superdrug purchases and little sample treats in beauty boxes.

favourite products, favourite makeup, l'oreal lumi magique bb cream, mua bronzer

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (Fair)

I bought this on a whim at Boots when I lost my old No. 7 BB cream, and I'm so pleased I purchased it! It claims to give 24 hour hydration, have SPF 12, and 'smart pigment capsules' to even out skin tone and cover imperfections. The BB cream comes out white, and as you rub it into your skin the pigment capsules feel kind of grainy and it soon changes to match your skin tone. It doesn't feel particularly hydrating on me, despite its claims - I think if you have drier skin this might not be the product for you, but I have oily/combination skin and feel that this actual helps combat this! It has pretty good coverage and I usually find myself skipping concealer when wearing this. It feels totally light on the skin, making it perfect for hot summer days. This is definitely my favourite BB cream (I've also tried No. 7, Maybelline, and Estee Lauder), although I bought the Garnier oil-free one a few days ago so I might have to retract that statement soon!
£9.99 at Boots and Superdrug

MUA Bronzer (Shade 2)

A couple of weeks ago Superdrug had a 3 for 2 makeup deal on, so I bought quite a lot of MUA products as they were just too great a bargain to pass up - most of the MUA products are just £1 even without promotions! I don't really tend to wear bronzer that much, so I actually use this product as an eyeshadow - the soft bronze-brown shade is perfect for adding a little bit of neutral colour during the daytime.
£1 at Superdrug

favourite products, favourite hair products, aussie hair serum, batiste dry shampoo

Aussie Curl Definition & Soft Feel Serum

I usually wash my hair before I go to bed and let it dry overnight, but whenever I blow dry it or let it dry naturally during the day time, I always add a few pumps of this Aussie hair serum to the ends and mid-lengths. It smells pretty good (I guess this is the Jojoba seed oil) and does an excellent job of calming down any frizzy bits or fly-aways. My hair isn't particularly curly and I haven't really noticed it holding any extra curls, but it leaves the ends of my hair SO soft! I think I originally bought this to use with some rollers, but I never have enough patience to blow dry AND manually curl my hair!
£4.99 at Boots and Superdrug

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Cherry)

THIS SMELLS AMAZING! Seriously, it smells SO good. Even my boyfriend commented on it! I don't really use dry shampoo that much, but after receiving it in a Latest in Beauty monthly beauty box I threw it in my bag when I went to stay at my boyfriend's for a few nights (I have this weird fear of washing my hair in other people's houses). Batiste is a pretty popular dry shampoo brand so I think most people know how it works and how effective it is - the selling point for me for this is definitely the gorgeous smell! I'm almost tempted to wash my hair less just so I can use it more!
£2.99 at Boots and Superdrug

favourite products, favourite skincare products, botanics facial scrub, balance me moisturiser

Botanics Purifying Face Scrub

I really like using a facial scrub a couple of times a week to refresh my skin a little, and this particular Botanics scrub is amazing for doing that - it contains hibiscus which is apparently a natural brightener and skin smoother, and it definitely feels and looks like it works! My skin always looks perkier and more awake after using this. Besides hibiscus, this face scrub contains apricot seeds and walnut shell which do a great job of removing dead skin and impurities. I love the packaging too - really bright and colourful!
£2.66 (usually £3.99) at Boots

Balance Me Moisture-rich Face Cream

I think smell is a key factor to most of my favourite products, and this moisturiser from Balance Me is a great example of that! It smells deliciously like Turkish delight and I just can't get enough of it! I got this sample in a Latest in Beauty beauty box, and although it says it's for normal/dry/sensitive skin (I'm oily/combination) it still works fantastically for me, and is definitely my favourite moisturiser. It works a little bit like a primer, smoothing the skin, evening out skin tone and diminishing pores. It contains Arctic cloudberry (like my favourite Koppaberg cider, brilliant!) which apparently prevents moisture loss and improves elasticity. All I know is that I'll be really sad when my sample size runs out, but I'll definitely be repurchasing this!
£24 at John Lewis

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