Thursday, 21 June 2012

Inspiration: Graduation outfits

It's graduation week here at St Andrews, and although I myself won't be graduating until next year (fingers crossed!) one of my housemates is doing so tomorrow morning and the whole town is filled with fresh graduates in swishy gowns and coffee shops offering afternoon teas!

There are a myriad of different events going on during graduation week with varying levels of formality - from the prescribed dress code of the ceremony itself to dinner with the parents, garden parties, afternoon tea and of course, the long-awaited grad ball!

Different universities have varying traditions and ceremonies but as far as I'm aware each one has a black/white dress code for the graduation ceremony and a formal black or white tie dress code for grad ball. I've come up with some outfit inspiration for each of these events, plus a couple of bonus semi-casual outfits for dinners, lunches, garden parties, or whatever else you might have planned!

one: Topshop // two: Zara // three: ASOS // four: ASOS

one: Zara // two: ASOS // three: Topshop // four: New Look
one: Lipsy // two: ASOS // three: ASOS // four: New Look // five: River Island at ASOS


  1. the third outfit is as though you've read my mind of what's perfection! and I have some shoes very similar to the first one, they're the same shape but have a gold bar type thing on the front, £5 from £50 on sale at Topshop. I love them because of the chunky heel

    1. Haha thank you, I'm so tempted to buy so many of the items myself! Chunky heels are the best, I find skinny stilettos so uncomfortable especially in St Andrews because there's cobbles everywhere - stilettos' worst enemy!

  2. I like the first outfit, especially the (little) peplum collar shirt! Otherwise each outfit are perfectly matching with accessories, good job! x