Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tutorial: Cream and gold ombre nails

The ombre trend seems to be showing no signs of abating, and one of my favourite ways to wear this trend is on nails! I've been wearing ombre nails for a couple of weeks now in various colours, but this delicate cream and gold version is my favourite - I consider it a sparklier version of a classic French manicure!

1. Collect your tools: cream nail varnish (Rimmel Lycra Pro French Ivory), gold nail varnish (Barry M Foil Effects), clear nail varnish (No. 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat), washing up sponge
2. Paint your whole nails in the cream nail varnish (mine is a couple of days old, hence the chips at the end!) and let them completely dry
3. Cut a small section off the end of your sponge, and paint the gold nail varnish directly onto it
4. Using the painted sponge, lightly dab along the bottom half of each nail to produce a stippled ombre effect. When completely dry, cover in a top coat or two


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I find that a really easy way to do ombre nails is with glitter, apply a coat of glitter on top of a base colour starting half way down the nail, then another a bit higher up etc. It only really works with nails that are quite long though. I might do a tutorial once mine have grown a little bit more.
    Gold + nude polish is probably my favourite combination at the moment

    1. You should definitely do a tutorial!
      Yeah I find gold and nude is super wearable and doesn't look obviously 'done' while I'm at work (waitressing, ew) but is still interesting enough to keep me happy! Wish I could keep my nails longer, but I'm a crazy fast typer and my nail tips always get caught on the edges of the keys :(

    2. Haha yeah I work on a PC all day but have learnt to type with the pads of my fingers from when I had crazy long acrylics ha! It felt so bizarre when I had them off!

    3. I've done it! I linked to you on it :)
      Here it is if you'd like to have a gander:

    4. Super post! I really want glitter nails now!!

  2. TOTALLY guna copy this! Cheers =)