Saturday, 2 June 2012

Painting of the day #3

I eventually reached Shrewsbury at 10pm last night, and my wonderful father picked me up with a Chinese takeout and a bottle of wine! My little sister woke me up early this morning and we spent the morning reading Jacqueline Wilson books and watching Matilda on DVD - I'd forgotten how much I loved that film! She was then in the village carnival, and after watching the floats and partaking in the obligatory tombola we went off to a local pub for dinner. She had the biggest ice cream I'd ever seen in my life, I had to help her eat some but even then we couldn't finish it!

Want to make a child happy? Give her a massive ice cream.

Inspiration for today's painting came from the Les Composantes archives. This image immediately drew my eye; I just can't resist the combination of black, white and red, especially when paired with matching lipstick!


  1. This post is so sweet. Awwww. ;) Love the painting as always. Very nice.

    You Like It? I Made It!

  2. Wow, that painting is unbelievable. Such an incredible talent! (Found you on TSR)