Monday, 18 June 2012

Wardrobe essentials: Black skinny jeans

I wrote previously about my intention behind what will hopefully become a series of posts about 'wardrobe essentials', the sartorial foundations on which a versatile wardrobe can be built, able to be adapted to any kind of event and situation.

This, the first post, is about the hardest working item in my own wardrobe: the black skinny jean. Since about the age of 15, I've worn a pair of these jeans at least once a week. I wear them to work, the library, restaurants, the pub, to travel in, nightclubs... you name a place, I'll wear my skinny jeans! They're so versatile, and once I've found a brand that suits both my body shape and your budget, I think I'll be sorted for life!

I currently have three pairs in rotation: a pair from New Look last summer, a pair from Vero Moda and a pair from Cheap Monday. My favourite ones are from Vero Moda; the material is super soft and stretchy, meaning they have an excellent tight fit but I can still easily jump around in them. They also don't gape at the back as my Cheap Monday ones do, or slide down horribly when I sit down as my New Look ones do. They're also a great bargain, currently on sale at £19.50 at ASOS!

left: Vero Moda Skinny Jeans // centre: Cheap Monday Tight V Stretch // right: New Look Skinny Jeans
When buying skinny jeans I always check out the fabric components to see how much stretch they're likely to have, but it's much better to try them on to see what the fit is really like. For example, the Vero Moda jeans apparently only have 1% elastene in them, but to me they feel much stretchier than both the Cheap Monday and New Look ones, which both have 2% elastene.

Although the cheapest at a mere £9.99, the New Look jeans have become very faded with wear, and now feel quite hard and stiff even after they've been worn - this makes them really hard to put on and sit cross-legged in, not ideal at all! I have had them for almost a year though, so they're quite good value really. The Vero Moda ones are by far my favourite though, and I think I'll be stocking up and buying a couple more pairs since they're on offer at the moment!

Do you consider black skinny jeans as one of your wardrobe staples? Which is your favourite brand?

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  1. Yes! Black skinny jeans are the essential for ANY wardrobe. Have a pair and you can't go too wrong (I wear New Look ones)
    Found you on TSR :)