Monday, 27 August 2012

Home Inspiration: Decoration

It's only a week or so now until I move into my new flat, and I am beyond excited! We'll only be staying there until I graduate, so only nine months or so (gosh that's terrifying!), but I'm determined to make it a pretty and welcoming place to live. I imagine we'll be spending a lot of time in the library stressing over essays and exams, so a comforting, cosy place to relax in afterwards is an absolute necessity!

I've been scouring Pinterest for decoration inspiration; because we'll be in rental accommodation, we can't do anything super permanent such as wallpapering (as much as I'd love to), but luckily our landlady-to-be is super nice and says we can put as many things up on the wall as we like! There's 5 rooms - kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and study/studio - but they're all fairly small. The kitchen and bathroom are tiny, and I don't think there's much spare wall space at all in those rooms, so decoration will obviously have to be minimal in there! Enough rambling, on with the prettiness:

I've always loved having fairy lights in my bedroom; I think they're the most perfect mood lighting! They make the room so much more cosy and warm somehow. I love this intricate tree display, but will probably just settle for draping a load over the headboard instead. 

Artwork displays! I've accumulated so much art, postcards, magazine tear-outs and other such things, but most of it is languishing in a few boxes in my wardrobe. I love this display on the left, such a visual feast! This would be a good way to display current trends and inspirations above my workspace in the study/studio, but could be a bit overwhelming elsewhere in the flat. The hangers instead of photo frames (middle right) is such a good idea - it looks really fun, would be easy to switch different art/photos in and out of, and would be much cheaper than framing everything!

UGGGH that shower curtain is just too amazing! I'm not sure if our shower is a glass cubicle or not; if it has a shower curtain I am definitely definitely finding some way of getting something like this! Love the ribbon/tassel thing in the top left, very simple but effective way of adding colour. Also really want a drinks tray now!

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  1. That tree is so amazing! Good luck settling in to your new place :)

    1. Thank you! There will DEFINITELY be updates when I'm settled haha! x

  2. woow you lucky thing! all the best with the new place. i love pinterest, i use it allll the time for the inspiration so you went to the right place

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Where did you buy that tree fairy light from? Looks amazing! would love that in my room.